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Ghanta & Dorje Sets (also called Bell & Dorje Sets, and Drilbu & Dorje sets)

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The Ghanta and Dorje are the principle ritual objects of Tantric Buddhism. As with all objects connected with Tibetan Buddhism, they are highly symbolic.

The Ghanta, or "Drilbu" in Tibetan, is a ritual handbell symbolic of wisdom. Dorje is Tibetan for indestructible diamond scepter, and is symbolic of compassion. Together, the Ghanta and Dorje symbolize the perfect union of wisdom and compassion necessary to achieve enlightenment.

Traditionally they are used by monks, nuns, and lay people during various rituals and practices. Used together as a set, the Ghanta is held in the left hand and the Dorje in the right.


This sound sample is of a large Ghanta. First is the sound of the suspended clapper striking the bell when moved from side to side. The second sound is the Ghanta played around the outside rim with a wood mallet. To listen again, click on the arrow in the player above.   Bodhisattva Trading Company’s Ghanta and Dorje sets are made by Tibetan living masters of the bell making tradition.

These contemporary Dharma tools are individually hand-crafted and tuned, and made of a five-metal bronze alloy according to an ancient formula. They are selected with our exclusive Master-quality® control, and are amongst the finest sounding Ghantas available today.


Ghanta & Dorje Sets are available in four sizes:

Mini (Ghanta is 5 1/2" high)
Small (6" high)
Medium (6 3/8" high)
Large (8 3/8" high)

NEW! The medium size is now available in a Special Order Edition (illustrated above). After hand-casting, the Ghanta handle and Dorje are individually hand-carved and then fire-gilt with 22 karat gold. These are the absolute finest quality available, made by the renowned Lalungpa family of Darjeeling, India. By special order: $450.



Large ghanta being played around the rim

The Ghanta can be played by ringing, as each has a clapper suspended inside, or by rubbing around the outside rim with a stick (similar to how the Tibetan singing bowls are played) although this is a non-traditional way of playing them.

A Himalayan hardwood playing stick is included with each set.


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