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RG: "Only made of iron? Not bell metal?" 3  

LLM: "Yes. So, he said that that bowl is in Drepung Monastery, Tibet. On July fifteenth many Tibetans visit that singing bowl, also whole Drepung Monastery, all people are coming and visiting and making offerings to hear the singing bowl."

RG: "So this is a relic that they bring out at this time of year to show to the people?"

Lama Lobsang Molam playing a large antique Tibetan singing bowlLLL: "They say this is a relic that came from India and was used by the previous Buddha, so this is a very precious relic. So, that's why everybody wants to listen to that singing bowl, the singing, you know, sound. So, many people are making offerings to this singing bowl, and offering money to that singing bowl. So, he said that if someone has pure or not pure karma, you know, if someone has negative karma, their self they have to round, they have to play it with a stick. If someone has a lot of negative karma, this bowl won't give any sound. It gives sound but, not so nice, it's very small and not clear. If the person who rings it has pure karma, it gives a lot of singing and a big sound, wang, wang, wang, wang, like this. It gives a big sound. So their saying this is the story of . . . their saying like this. Even he saw, you know. So in Tibet they have three singing bowls only."

RG: "Three of these relic singing bowls?"

LLL: "Yes, relics. One is in Drepung Monastery. One is in Narthang. Narthang is a big printing place."

RG: "Where their publishing and printing the books, the sutras. Kanjur?"

LLL: "In the west side of Tibet. One is Sakya Monastery. Also, they have one conch, a big conch, [which] comes from natural earth, you know, naturally. So they say if they're listening to that singing, or that sound, one who hears this sound never goes to Narak. Because of this . . ."

RG: "Now what is Narak?"

LLL: "Narak is hell. Hell realm or lower realm. Never goes to a lower . . ."

RG: " . . . level of existence?"

LLL: "Yes."

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