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The following excerpts are from emails and letters sent by some of our wonderful customers. . .

"Hi, I just received my first bowl from Bodhisattva today. It is absolutely wonderful. It sounds so incredible. It's sitting right here in front of me as I write this. If this is just a "student-quality" bowl, I would be amazed to find out what a "master-quality" bowl is like! I also received two bowls from a seller on eBay today. They are much bigger, and much thicker and heavier. They were less expensive, and sound nice, but they come nowhere near the sound quality and depth of the bowl I received from you. I'm saving my money, and will be back to Bodhisattva for more bowls. Thank you so much for all you do to provide these beautiful bowls to people everywhere."

Steve T.

Lawrenceville, GA

"I am very happy with my NEW TIBETAN LARGE SINGING BOWL # 6405, C+8/G-8Hz.  I have had it a day now and it is like adopting a pet.  When I caress it with the Fat Boy it literally leaps to life with such vigor it resonates the Fat Boy off it’s rim., and I’m moving it very slow.  No speed or pressure needed to bring it to ”life”.

My chance encounter with your fascinating website occurred while looking at new age jewelry for design ideas and I followed a link from that web site to yours.  Your high quality sound files introduced me to the singing bowls scene.  As I moved thru them I found that I kept coming back to this particular bowl #6405 so I saved it.  As days went by I kept playing it and compared it to others that came close but not quite right for me.  Also I searched other internet sites and although many were cheaper, I had no reassurance at all what their bowls would sound like, whether they came out of a industrial punch press in China or any guarantees of my satisfaction after the purchase.

As you know I talked with a few members of your staff and they are great everyday people with all the time in the world to help me along, great personalities. Your web site is FIRST CLASS along with the exceptional pictures and high fidelity sound files…what I saw and heard was what I got, no disappointments but great joy.  The container it came in was not second rate crap to save money but first class expensive (for retailers) a strong and light weight box.  Wrapped in many layers of jar absorption material was the order that I placed with you…When I removed everything out of the packing it was like I had been in your store and hand picked everything out myself.

The first touch of the bowl and it sprang to life for me, someone who a week earlier didn’t know a thing about this.  It’s soothing tone that just goes on and on (the sustain is incredible) melts away the pent-up stress of the day.  As a side note my cat seeks it out when he hears it’s tone and just sits down and seems to relax to it also.  I am working midnight shift and I write this knowing that it’s time to go crash into bed…Keep up the good exceptional work…

I thank you all…"

John S.
Grand Ridge, IL

"Yes, they have arrived…safe and sound and Beautiful…Beautiful.

That US Postal’s like a “Who’s on First”,  Abbott and Costello routine…but the US mail always gets delivered, safe and sound in my little old town.

As I was saying, the bowls are out of this world both in sound and appearance. One so golden and the other with a beautiful warm patina, both with beautiful hammer markings and very visible remnants of decorations…and both looking so ancient.

The sound is exquisite and the change from the E/A# to the G/C bowl is as smooth as silk…That is going to be a hard act to follow.

The room that I have all these bowls in is beginning to look like an ancient  Pharos’s burial chamber…What the hell was I in a past life!

Thank you so much for these treasures…you guys are truly artistic geniuses…and please thank all else involved. Many blessings."

Guy B.
Wakefield, RI 

"My long awaited 8-bowl cup set arrived today and I wanted to share a few comments.

The packaging of the items can only be described as secure and meticulous.  Each bowl was expertly wrapped in thick protective material and arrived in perfect condition.  The dedication and care given to the shipment of the bowls highlighted your regard for the set.

The sound from each of the 8-bowls was utter perfection to the ear as each fundamental note progressed to the next.  The singing of each bowl was a perfect match as I played the rims in progression to that final blissful note.  Only Rain could find such worthy candidates.  Every bowl he finds has its own individual sound.  Shakti, your matching skills in selecting each bowl for this set is a special gift.  It was as if each bowl was individually created for this set.

It was well worth the wait while each bowl came into the set.  All I had to do was have the patience to let it happen.  A big well done to all.

Thank you."

David H.

Clayton, MO

"Just wanted to get back with you in regards to my last purchase.  I have been working with them the last 2 weeks.  They are very special:)!  I am so glad that I upgraded to that double-blue heart bowl, that you suggested.  I think it is my favorite one---amazing long sustain sound per strike.  Empathically, it just feels very definitely resonates with me.  Overall, I am honored to share in the experience of this type of healing.  I love them all...especially partial to the double-blue (special marking bowls) - but as a set and individually- they are all pure bliss.  Each piece is unique with its own divine energy.  They way they carry one another is a no contest.  That is one of the biggest appreciations that I have for this process - the co-creativity / how they work with one another each time.  This concept/energy --you know all too well.  There is a greater consciousness working at hand - these bowls are the liaison between the 2 worlds.

When I got them - they were all so full of joy - each one, upon unveiling them from their beautiful Tibetan parchment paper - were happy to come out and assist.  They are true light workers and I feel their joy to be these incredible Givers.  That is how I see/feel them.

Again, much gratitude for all your time and energy --this is beautiful work!!



Leeh M.

Perrysburg, OH

"Wow, I don't even know where to begin. These seven bowls are amazing!

First, let me just thank you for assembling such a beautiful set of antique singing bowls and more importantly for providing such first rate service along with expedient secure shipping.

From your first telephone call to delivery - I felt assured and confident in trusting you without hesitation.

This is a monumental feat in what can be an uneasy world.

It is so refreshing to know that there are genuine knowledgable folks out there that truly love these instruments and know how to treat customers.

These wondrous bowls have already had such an immediate profound impact on my sense of being and yet I have only begun to slowly unleash the majestic power within them.

It is clear to see I made a harmonious choice and I look forward to seeing where this leads me. (More bowls perhaps? Hmmm.) I would whole heartedly recommend your business and expertise to any and all of my friends and acquaintances - known and unknown!

Thanks again for everything and may your future be bold, light and beautiful!"

Matthew J.

Sacramento, CA

"Thank you very much for patiently coaching me. Now all my bowls sing beautifully. I cannot get over how complex and beautiful their sound.

You made me realize that I need to treat a bowl as an extension of my body.

No wonder some of them refused to sing when I was tense, frustrated, and not breathing.

I am very excited to go on a journey with these bowls and establish relationship with each of them. I am their companion until my time comes to an end and time to pass them on to another person.

Thank you again for building the wonderful bowl set.

Warmest regards,"

Emiko Y.

Atlanta, GA

"Well what can I say - WOW!! :) :) Finally, after an incredible journey of faith, hope and love my Set is finally home and settling in to another life in another country; before, yet again, embarking on a different journey - yet to be told - in their new found land and surroundings. Bonds of mutual respect and adoration have already begun and I just know that we will have a wonderful and lasting relationship together!

Shakti, you are so very talented; I don't know how to Thank You for all your diligence, competence and passion that you have obviously put into customizing my Set, and I shall be forever grateful that our paths have crossed. Please also pass on my 'Special Thanks' to Rain in particular, and Son, who have contributed so much to the success of my wonderful Set.

Thank you also for your enclosed Note, kind words and blessings, which are of course, reciprocal. The Boxes were unfortunately opened by Customs but all seems well.

Thank You Shakti, it's my birthday in a few days and it seems so right that my Bowls now have a new home!

With Much Love and Appreciation,"

Wendy R.-W.

Spit Junction

New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

"I can't tell you how much I love my little bowl.  It has brought much joy to my life.

Thank-you so much for your patience with me, and all the time you spent helping me find the perfect singing bowl.  Having just discovered singing bowls, the book you suggested was both interesting and informative.

My little bowl is just beautiful and it's sound is exquisite!!  Even though I'm still learning how it likes to be played, I'm amazed at how easily it bursts into "song" for me and how good I feel when I play it.  It will have a good home here until it's time for it to continue on it's journey."

Loretta T.

Kiowa, OK

"I FINALLY received the bowl today, we kept missing the UPS delivery even when my wife was home! New driver, now he knows our situation so all is well.

I love the finished quality of the bowl; it is much heavier than I expected, very nice sustain when struck, due to the thicker wall, I'm sure. I have another thin-walled buddha-style bowl about the same size that has a lower tone at striking that I have never heard until I used the wool end of the mallet I just received on it, so I am rediscovering that one also!

Thank you for this wonderful item, it is one of my personal treasures."

Steve Fisher

Milton, FL

"I bring this master healing set to the hospital once a month where I work for a "Stress Management for a Healthier You" workshop.  It involves QiGong movement and Breathing exercises and the sounds of the Tibetan bowls.  It has been a workshop for over 18 months now, and we have a following. Everyone loves the bowls, and can feel the vibration course through them as they do the QiGong.

Thank you again for your mastership of bringing these individual bowls into a harmonic healing set.


Deborah P.

Meriden, CT

"Just to let you know the bowls arrived last night and the sounds are more beautiful than I had imagined!  You are right it's hard to get a sense on the recordings of the great range and power of these bowls online. I'm so blessed that I ordered these.  I am looking forward to ORDERING MORE! :)

I did not open the bowls last night but waited until dawn, as I had a special welcoming ceremony planned for them. We welcomed sunrise on the beach with our prayer circle. I wanted the first sounds the bowls heard here to be of the sea and sunrise and the small wind of dawn.

How perfect.

A sea turtle had just laid her eggs and was just going off in the low tide eastward towards the rising sun. Of course, the first bowl I pulled out to sing was Void Yoni.  How absolutely perfect.

So the beautiful sounds of the bowls were welcomed by dawn, sea, sea turtles and prayer circle. Now the beautiful sounds of the bowls have traveled over the waves eastward to the land of sea turtles, the horizon and onward.

Thank you so much.  I love the beautiful colours of the cushions and the mallets.  The certificates are perfect and your booklet is handy and informative.

Many blessings to you and your crew!  I'll be shopping again very soon.


Ariel V.

"Well, the magic has happened! The bowls just arrived and I have already played them. They have a most beautiful, delicate sound and are a great addition to what I have. I still prefer the deep long sustain of the bigger bowls, but these have an angelic quality that I think will be really lovely for my clients.

I am so glad they are a set, as individually they would not have the same effect.

Thanks so much for your help and service.


Rona Lynn F.

Winnepeg, Manitoba, CANADA

"It was indeed a pleasure to speak with you yesterday and to begin the process of gathering the bowls who will become my beloved companions and helpers. I am writing now to tell you a bit more about me and the work that these bowls will be joining.

I have been exploring the use of sound therapy within my practice since about 1990, when a little wire-strung Celtic lap harp came into my life. While I had played oboe semi-professionally when much younger and have a better than average training in music, I had never experienced a harp before. I did not take lessons, as that did not seem right. Rather, I learned to play intuitively, from my heart, and I discovered how this could powerfully move energies within others. So I began to explore everything being done in the US with the therapeutic use of sound. I acquired a lot of tuning forks, still use them sometimes, but it is the effect of the harp and both crystal and metal singing bowls with which I resonate most strongly. While I have read all the related publications I have been able to find, I am really a student of the Universe in how I work with sound. I have never received a go ahead from my sources of guidance to attend anyone's seminars or training sessions. I am fascinated by the technical musicological aspects, and my greatest challenge was to learn to set that aside and join with the spirit of the harp, bowls, whatever I am playing. I will do cognitive-level analysis after the fact. I have tremendous respect for both the heart-guidance and the head-knowledge which are strongly manifest in the sounds of the sets you have put together for your website.

I have been using my bowls mostly, but not exclusively, with my terminally ill patients. For this reason I need a set which is more portable than my crystal bowls. But I could have easily just acquired a smaller crystal set. For me, the harmonic structures created by the metal bowls are what I best connect with for the kinds of facilitation I am being guided to undertake.


Blessings on your day,"

Cheryl M.

Stevens Point, WI

"The bowl has arrived already - so the delivery time more than exceeded my expectations! Not only that but I am absolutely delighted with it – the tone is exactly as I heard it on the sound-byte on your website, and the whole package including the information you provide is excellent.

I am already using it in both my personal meditation practice and in the meditation classes I teach. I am so glad we were able to find a way past the difficulties in arranging payment. I had been a little nervous buying something that important sight unseen – but in fact it has turned out to be a wonderful experience.

Yours truly,"

Iain B.

Hurstbridge, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

"My bowl is here. Just finished my first sitting with her. It is just as beautiful as I hoped. It's substantial and fits perfectly in my hand. Thank you so much for the instructions. They are so helpful for this beginner.

Thank you again for your help!"


"Round two of sitting just occurred and I can feel a long relationship starting with this bowl. Feeling the tone inside of my chest is taking my sittings to a new level. I am so appreciative of your assistance in finding the right bowl for me."

Trish Joughin

"I received my bowl set yesterday, and love it!!!  Thank you so much for your time putting this set together for me!  They sound beautiful together!  I played them as soon as I got them, and my wife fell asleep in just a couple minutes of listening to the relaxing sounds.It's hard for her to calm her mind, but all four of the bowls I've purchased from you relax her quickly."

Blue Mound, IL

At long last, the set is complete! It arrived on a quite auspicious date: 3.13.13. Shakti began putting the set together back in July 2012, based upon my request for a set of singing bowls that follows the cycle of fifths. This very important set

of healing bowls will be used in my sound therapy practice. I have worked with both Shakti and Rain in the past, and have always been pleased with the kindness and expertise that they display, as well as the top quality product that Bodhisattva offers. So, when it came time to acquire a set, there was no question of who to call upon. 

If there is one word that can be used to describe the set, it is: Glorious!

IT ABSOLUTELY RADIATES! When played together, the bowls produce

overwhelming beauty in sound - the set is a complete inspiration to play!

But, the end result did not come without a lot of hard work, patience, and attention to detail. Throw in a bit of serendipity and timing-good-luck as well.

I am extremely grateful to Shakti, for her perseverance and keen judgment,

and her willingness to work with a musician who is very particular about sound quality. In the end, the result is a magnificent example of what a good-natured collaboration can produce.

Many thanks to you Shakti, and to all at Bodhisattva!


Mark B.
Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner

"The two singing bowls I ordered arrived yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that they are absolutely amazing. I'm extremely happy with my purchase. I have a feeling I'll be contacting you in the future to make me a singing bowl set. Thank you so much for what you do."

Chancey Lanier
Savannah, GA

Namaste Shakti!

I m having a wonderful time getting to know my bows.
WOO HOOO .. they just arrived..couldn't wait to open up and soak in ambiance.

Thanking you for the booklet on how to rim etc.
Had a friend come in. Haven't seen her for a month, been really down and she was in my shop when the bowls came. So I opened them  up and was inspired to play them for her around her body. She definitely felt movement around her sacrum. I was told issues with family and unresolved grief. This she acknowledged.

Have been  practicing and  am really getting it!! Played them to my husband last night. He loved them and felt energy moving in him.

I have been observing where the energy rings for me and my husband. Different energy centres in our body. With the Buddha smaller bowl before I noted its name, I saw  my belly, and big smiles...and a happy ho ho jolly little man (then saw the name Buddha.)

I am so thrilled to have found you and for your amazing help. I would like for others to experience the same help as I have.

Johanna xx

"Thanks once again for the great deals, on these which I consider almost priceless objects of Dharma value. It amazes me that in my life I could ever even find such objects for sale at any price. Even if I were to look myself in Nepal, I would be unable to connect at this level of quality and masterwork."

Robert G.
Kona, HI

"Over the past 8 years I have been using Tibetan Singing Bowls as a significant part of my private psychotherapy practice, and have dealt with four different companies throughout this time. The Bodhisattva Trading Company has been the most supportive, and helpful organization that I have been involved with. You have been informative with my inquires and patient with my ignorance. I truly felt that you were interested in helping locate the "right bowl" for me and were not focused on making a sale. I am delighted with the bowl that was selected and feel it is a treasure added to my life and the lives of those it will touch! I would strongly encourage anyone to use your company, and certainly look forward to the day when I will be talking to you again about an addition to my use of sacred sound instruments! Many Thanks."

Ken O.
Halifax N.S., CANADA

"Thank you so much for the Tibetan singing bowl. I completed my treatment last week and they say I am cancer-free. Great news and I am even sprouting a new coat of fur after being hairless for about 5 months. Thanks again, the tone helped me stay in tune."

Andy S.
Santa Monica, CA

"In our beautiful meeting house, we have used five singing bowls for several years during worship. We use them for several things but the most common use is to call the congregation to prayer and meditation. Week after week, people hear the singing bowls until there is a close connection between the singing bowls and being in the meeting house, sacred space, and also being with the congregation, a beloved community. I also use them as I lead prayer and meditation groups. A few years ago, I began the practice of giving to each graduating senior in the congregation a small personal singing bowl. Some of the students have reported how meaningful the bowls are to them. It is our hope that living near the bowl and using it from time to time will always draw their attention back to the meeting house where they first experienced singing bowls, and back to the congregation where they were spiritually nurtured through their childhoods. In addition, we hope that the singing bowls will become sources of peace and inspiration that will take them to new places they never have experienced. For some, we hope the bowls will become part of regular spiritual practice. In some way, the bowl becomes our meetinghouse that goes with them wherever they go. My thanks to Rain, who gave so generously and patiently of his time to help us make sure we selected just the right bowls for our young people, and one for my own use. Surely, spirituality in making a sale enhances the enduring spiritual power of the bowls."

Thomas Mikelson

Parish Minister, First Parish in Cambridge,
Unitarian Universalist
Visiting Lecturer, Harvard Divinity School

"Just received the bowl I ordered.  Thank you very much for a wonderful treasure that now rings in and out my meditation sessions.  Also, it will be a perfect size to take along on my sailboat, Satori, when I go out. It seems perfect in all ways.  Namaste"

Michael Bloss
Nottingham, NH