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Antique Diatonic Quarter Tone
Set #0131

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This is an authentic antique, Master-quality® 4-piece Tibetan singing bowl set based on the rims in diatonic quarter tone tuning. 

The rim tones are all within 6 Hz. of Western concert pitch in the keys of  C- 10 Hz., D - 10 Hz., E - 8 Hz., and F -8 Hz.

The fundamental tones are F +6 Hz., G# - 8 Hz. , A# - 8 Hz., and B -1 0 Hz.

About the Sound Sample

The four bowls struck on their upper outside edges with one of the included Tibetan-wood padded mallets.


All bowls are antique (circa16th through 18th century), measure from 6" up to 6 1/4" in diameter. and have been personally selected in the Himalayas by Tibetan musicologist Rain Gray.

A set of 4 professional playing mallets is included with this set.

Also included is a Certificate of Authenticity, photo, Mp3 digital recording, and a Set Chart listing the tones of each singing bowl.

Tibetan silk-brocade singing bowl cushions (see photo above) are optionally available at a nominal extra charge. Available in Tibetan red, Royal blue, and/or Plum.

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