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Antique Phrygian Set #0167

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This is an authentic antique, Master-quality® 7-piece Tibetan singing bowl set based on the fundamentals in Phrygian tuning.  

The Phrygian mode is the third mode of the major scale, and dates back to the ancient Greeks.  As it was used in Near Eastern music, it is referred to as the only "oriental" scale,  but it can be heard in classical and in contemporary music as well.  As there is a minor seventh chord in the scale, it has a soulful quality which is perfect for assisting us into a meditative state beyond space and time. 

Unlike most of our sets, this set is matched on the fundamental, and all of those tones are within 4 Hz. of concert pitch in the third octave.

Also, please note that three of the bowls are Double-blue Master-quality® meaning that they are "Stradivarius" quality,  and two of the bowls are concert-pitch!


About the Sound Sample

First you will hear the bowls being struck on the upper outside wall with the Himalayan hardwood leather-padded mallet. Next you will hear the bowls being played around the upper outside wall with the leather end of the leather-mallet. 


All bowls are antique (circa 16th through 19th century), and have been personally hand-selected in the Himalayas by Tibetan musicologist Rain Gray. These are Master-quality bowls and thus are among the finest caliber of singing bowls available in the world. Master-quality means that these bowls have passed stringent tests for authentic antiquity, harmonic balance of sound, smoothness and ease of playing, sound volume and long sustain. From over fifty thousand singing bowls which Rain personally tests each year in the Himalayas, only 1/2% are awarded Master-quality status.

This set has been personally matched by Shakti, renowned for her fine ear and ability to match tuned sets for usage by healing professionals, musicians, composers, and meditators who demand the absolute finest quality available.

A set of 4 professional playing mallets is included with this set.

A set of 7 Tibetan silk-brocade singing bowl cushions is included with this set. Your choice of Tibetan red, Royal blue, and/or Plum.

Also included is a Certificate of Authenticity, photo, Mp3 digital recording, and a Set Chart listing the tones of each singing bowl.

Price: $5,353.00

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