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Antique Diatonic
Cup Set 
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This is an authentic antique, Master-quality® 7-piece Tibetan singing bowl cup set based on the fundamentals in diatonic tuning. 

This set includes one each of the following bowls:

* D +2 Hz., Cup 4 5/8" diameter, Thick, circa 18th Century

* E 329 Hz., Cup 4 3/4" diameter, Thick, circa 17th Century

* F +4 Hz., Cup 4 5/8" diameter, circa 18th Century

* G -2 Hz., Cup 4 3/8" diameter, Thick, circa 17th Century

* A -2 Hz., Cup 4 3/4" diameter, Thick, circa 18th Century

* B +2 Hz., Cup 4 3/4" diameter, Thick, circa 18th Century

* C 523 Hz., Cup 4 1/2" diameter, Thick, circa 19th Century

The rim tones are in the keys of G# +4 Hz., A# -2 Hz., B -6Hz., C# -6 Hz., D# -2 Hz., F -10 Hz., and F# -4 Hz.

About the Sound Sample

First you'll hear the sound of the seven bowls struck on their upper outside edges with the included Tibetan-wool padded mallet.
Then you'll hear each bowl played around its upper outside edge with the Himalayan hardwood leather-padded mallet.


Package includes:

* Certificate of Authenticity  (Printed on parchment paper, hand-signed by Shakti-- Indo-Tibetan bronze specialist).

* 2-piece Professional Mallet Set  (Himalayan hardwood Tibetan wool-padded mallet, and a Himalayan hardwood leather-padded mallet).

* Tips and Information Brochure  (Historical information, general metallurgical analysis, how to hold the mallet, playing around the rim, and advanced techniques).

Tibetan silk-brocade singing bowl cushions are optionally available at a nominal extra charge. Available in Tibetan red, Royal blue, and/or Plum.

Price: $1,700.00

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