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Antique Pentatonic Rim
Highwall Set

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This is an authentic, antique Master-quality 6-piece Tibetan singing bowl High Wall set based on the rims in diatonic tuning. 

The set includes one each of the following singing bowls:

* C# +6 Hz.,  High Wall 10 1/4" diameter, XX-Thick, circa 19th Century

* D# +8 Hz., High Wall 10 1/2" diameter, Extra-Thick, circa 20th Century

* F# +8 Hz., High Wall 11 1/8" diameter, XX-Thick, circa 19th Century

* G# +2 Hz., High Wall 10 3/4" diameter, XX-Thick, circa 19th Century

* A# -2 Hz., High Wall 10 1/4" diameter, XX-Thick, circa 20th Century

* C# +2 Hz., High Wall 9 3/8" diameter, XX-Thick, circa 19th Century

Fundamental tones are in the keys of: G -10 Hz., G# 103 Hz.(Concert pitch), B +4 Hz., C +4 Hz., E -10 Hz., and F# -4 Hz.

NOTE: As is common with antique bowls, the 5th bowl ( A# -2 Hz. rim ) has a hairline crack on the lower section of the inner wall.  Some of the best bowls in our collection have them!  This minor imperfection in no way affects the sound, sustain or stability of the bowl, and this bowl is fully covered under the terms of our satisfaction guarantee.

About the Sound Sample

You will notice there are two separate sound files; one for the struck tones and one for the rim tones. The struck tones of each singing bowl are being played with a Himalayan hardwood wool-padded mallet. The rim tones of each singing bowl are being played around the rim the wooden end of either a Himalayan hardwood leather-padded mallet or the Xcelite 99-1 mallet.

LISTEN TO MP3 (Struck Tone)

LISTEN TO MP3 (Rim Tone)

Package includes:

* 8-piece Professional Mallet Set  (2 Himalayan hardwood Tibetan wool-padded gong mallets, 2 Himalayan hardwood "Fat Boy" leather-padded mallets, 2 Himalayan hardwood wool-padded mallets and 2 Himalayan hardwood leather-padded mallets).

* Tips and Information Brochure   (Historical information, general metallurgical analysis, how to hold the mallet, playing around the rim, and advanced techniques).

Tibetan silk-brocade singing bowl cushions are optionally available at a nominal extra charge. Available in Tibetan red, Royal blue, and/or Plum.

You will receive the exact bowls which you see and hear here.

These Master-quality® singing bowls are among the finest caliber of singing bowls available in the world. Master-quality® means that these bowls have passed stringent tests for authentic antiquity, harmonic balance of sound, smoothness and ease of playing, sound volume and long sustain.

Bodhisattva sets are used worldwide by healing professionals, musicians, composers and meditators who demand the absolute finest quality available.

Price: $5,225.00

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