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 Antique Cycle of Fifths
: #8540

This is an authentic antique, Master-quality 8-piece Tibetan singing bowl set based on the fundamentals (the lowest frequency of singing bowls) in the Cycle of Fifths scale. The set starts from the foundation of a long sustaining, second octave F Fundamental Highwall and ascends in 5th intervals until it crests in a 4th octave A 440. Then it "jumps back" to a 4th octave E +4, to culminate in a  shimmering, antique B fundamental cup bowl.

The Cycle of Fifths scale was commissioned by Fabien Maman, a seminal sound healer from the 70’s who dissolved cancer cells using musical frequencies. The frequencies in this set are based on the Meridians and derive their power from the fifth interval, the aural equivalent of the Golden Mean relationship found in nature, art, and architecture.

Details of the set are below, listing the fundamantal tones:

* F  -2 Hz., High-wall 12 1/8" diameter, Thick, Circa 18th. Century.

C -8 Hz. High-wall 10" diameter, Extra-Thick, Circa 18th. Century.

G +2 Hz., Buddha 7 1/4" diameter, Thick, Circa 20th. Century.

D +2 Hz., LWTL 6" diameter, Extra-Thick, Circa 19th. Century.

A +2 Hz., Cup 4 1/2" diameter, Thick, Circa 17th. Century.

* E +2 Hz., Cup 4 3/4" diameter, Circa 18th. Century.

* B +2 Hz., Special 4 3/4", Extra-Thick, Circa 17th. Century.

* F# +6 Hz., Special  4 7/8", XX-Thick, Circa 17th. Century.

The rim tones are in the keys of: C -8 Hz., G -4 Hz., C# +6 Hz., G# +6 Hz., D# -8 Hz., and A# +8 Hz. The final two bowls (B+2 and F#+6 Hz.) do not possess rim tones.

Sound sample-- First you'll hear the sound of the seven singing bowls struck on their
 upper outside edges with a variety of mallets, depending on the bowl's size.
Then you'll hear each singing bowl played around its upper outside edge with the
 leather end of a leather-padded mallet.

Click here to listen to Mp3

Package includes:

* 4-piece Professional Mallet Set  (1 Himalayan hardwood Tibetan wool-padded mallet, 1 Himalayan hardwood leather-padded mallet, 1 Himalayan hardwood wool-padded gong mallet, and 1 Himalayan "Fat Boy" leather-padded mallet).

* Tips and Information Brochure   (Historical information, general metallurgical analysis, how to hold the mallet, playing around the rim, and advanced techniques).

* Also included is a photo, Mp3 digital recording, and a Set Chart listing the tones of each singing bowl.

Tibetan silk-brocade singing bowl cushions are optionally available at a nominal extra charge. Available in Tibetan red, Royal blue, and/or Plum.


You will receive the exact bowls which you see and hear on this page.

These Master-quality bowls are amongst the finest caliber of singing bowls available in the world. Master-quality means that these bowls have passed stringent tests for authentic antiquity, harmonic balance of sound, smoothness and ease of playing, sound volume and long sustain.

This set has been personally matched by Shakti, renowned for her fine ear and ability to match tuned sets for usage by healing professionals, musicians, composers, and meditators who demand the absolute finest quality available.

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