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Rare Antique Double Blue Set

A rare 7-piece set consisting of 6 Double-blue Buddha bowls and 1 Quadruple-blue Buddha bowl. Includes 7 padded mallets.

This rare set was discovered during my collecting trip in the Himalayas in September of 2001. This is a "Stradivarius" quality set with chromatically tuned Buddha bowls, all dating from the late 15th through 17th centuries. The first 6 bowls are all Double-blues, and the 7th bowl is the first Quadruple-blue caliber bowl I've found in over 22 years of collecting in the Himalayas.

Call for price: (310) 838-3082

Please note that this set has now been sold, but other sets can be custom ordered. Please call Rain or Shakti at the above number to discuss your needs and budget.

Editor: Peter Jackson, who purchased the above Master Healing Set, recently sent us this letter . . .

"I recently purchased a number of Tibetan singing bowls from Bodhisattva Trading Company Inc.

I spent a number of hours working with Rain in person and over the phone to select the bowls that would meet my needs. One of these includes a set of tuned bowls.

I have no doubt that each bowl I purchased is among the best available on the market today. This is readily evident from the care and patience the Bodhisattva Trading Company takes in acquiring their product and getting to know the needs of customers like myself.  No, I'm not being paid to say this.

I've spent many years studying and working with the affects of sound on people, the environment, and other processes.  These range from the large system levels to the miniature world of quantum physics. Sound, which is the same as frequency or tone, when combined with physical geometries is truly a creative source of energy for a variety of purposes. We live in a musical universe full of sound, which is vibration, and all things have their very own unique vibrational or sound signature.

The bowls Bodhisattva Trading Company provided to me are unique in their ability to produce musical notes and tones that can alter states of consciousness and have direct influence on physical and emotional processes. Scientists, musicians, and researchers in alternative forms of healing have known for many years that sound can change the state of consciousness and stimulate the natural capability of the physical body to heal. The Tibetan singing bowls are a product that has the capability to accomplish such stimulation. However, these Tibetan bowls offer something that modern methods of sound production do not. This is the ability of these bowls to produce resonant combinations of notes that seem to be more pleasing to the human sensory system than many sounds from modern musical sources.  Some of which, are produced by synthesized means through electronics. The debate over natural versus electronic sound sources will continue and that is not the purpose of this short article.  What is important about the Tibetan singing bowls is that you have a product ranging in age from 250 to more than 600 years old that may be an important tool in our desire to relax mind and body. As a result of the resonant tones and chords affects on brain frequencies, these tools can reduce stress and allow us to be more creative at the same time.

The Tibetan singing bowls are a product of a process long forgotten and surrounded in some mystery as well as history. What is more important to me is the capability of the bowls to produce a chord of tones that invokes certain influences on conscious states. Each bowl has one or two dominate tones or notes and additional harmonics that include two or more additional notes which create a chord. There are bowls that produce chords that are similar to the Mozart effect that “clear the mind” for whatever task that requires a focused attention. There are bowls that produce chords that have been used in healing music such as the perfect 5th of C and G.  From a very “gut level” there are bowls that produce chords that focus an individual on the joy of the sound and this acts like a magic carpet lets your imagination expand. This can be used for creative endeavors or simply relaxing and forgetting about the modern world. I use this approach frequently.

I have also found that each bowl has a unique “musical personality”. This is where Bodhisattva Trading Company excels in assisting anyone in finding a bowl that meets your personal desires.  I went through this process on several occasions and Rain and Shakti were more than helpful in this process.

For anyone wishing to pursue the effects of sound on mind, body and spirit, I would definitely recommend they contact the Bodhisattva Trading Company."

Peter Jackson
Chief Scientist, Senior Engineer Test Evaluation Group
Science Applications International Corp.

Shakti selecting Tibetan singing bowls
 for a Master Healing Set