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Heart Chakra Healing Meditation with Singing Bowl

A happy Valentines Day may not be about receiving flowers or Valentines messages, a romantic evening on the town, or even having a date! It’s so easy to be distracted into quantifying the measure of love in our lives to be the love we receive, instead of the love we give! This Valentine’s Day, as we’re inundated with revenue generating messages, we can instead focus on a healing meditation for the Heart Chakra.

Although the world’s major sound healing systems perceive the Heart Chakra frequency variably to be either a fourth octave F or D, any beautifully tuned singing bowl can be used for this meditation. Sitting comfortably with your back straight and shoulders even and relaxed, softly strike the singing bowl with the padded end of your mallet. Taking generous, but natural breaths into the solar plexus, tune into the bowls’ frequencies. Try to lengthen them to the count of 8 on the inhale, and a count of 8 on the exhale. On the in-breath, visualize the sound waves entering your heart through your chest. Let the vibrations expand the area around your heart, creating a space of light. Visualize your exhale washing back out of your chest, releasing any emotional contractions around the heart which can create energy blocks. These can feel like tightness, pain, or fear: give them to the bowl. Strike again, and repeat. Images and thought forms attached to these emotions may come up. Be aware that they are only products of the mind, and gently release them through the out breath.

Now begin to rim your singing bowl, breathing in the female overtone through the chest and directing your breath up the Shuchumna Nadi, straight up the spine and out the Crown Chakra at the very top of the head. Now visualize your heart’s energy in the form of love infused into your breath, and direct it up the spine and out the Crown Chakra. As you exhale, you can visualize God; your loved ones; all sentient beings; the planet and its life forms; perhaps yourself: all bathed in your love. As you lift your mallet off the bowl and listen to the sustain fade into the air, enjoy the vibration of silence that remains. Observe the space you have created around your heart; it should feel lighter, and your whole body should feel energized. Your Heart Chakra should feel open and clear, a perfect conduit for love to flow.

Like any meditation practice, Chakra healing takes time and perseverance. Enjoy the journey!