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Metallurgical Analysis of Tibetan Singing Bowls

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Tibetan Meteorite


It has long been a belief that the iron in the bronze alloy of certain antique singing bowls was of meteoric origin. However, this was just a rumor without any scientific proof to validate this belief.

In December of 2005, I received an interesting phone call from Mr.Joseph B. Hunt, Principal Geologist with Environmental Management Services, Inc., of Portland, Oregon. Long story short-- he had a piece of meteorite which he had personally collected in Shigatse, Tibet, while working on a Masters thesis. He wanted to trade the meteorite piece  (see photo, upper left) for one of our large, deep sounding, High-wall Tibetan singing bowls.  After a long conversation with him I believed his integrity and decided to make the trade. The Tibetan meteorite I received from him  is shown in the photo (upper left).

Mr. Hunt said that the meteorite was one of the pieces he found at the meteorite fall site shown on the map which he provided me (see image middle  left). He also said that there was a large meteorite imbedded in the side of the Himalayas at this site which had tool marks which are indicative of past mining of the meteorite material. He went on to say that scientific analysis of the meteorite revealed that in addition to the  mineral and metal composition (see analysis, lower left) the meteorite also contains amino acids which scientists believe are the basic building blocks of life on this planet. He went on to say that this type of meteorite came from outside of our solar system.

If it's true that the ancient alchemists and metal smiths who made the antique Tibetan singing bowls did use meteorite then could they perhaps have known that this meteoric metal contained encoded information from the cosmos?

There is still no scientific evidence that meteorite metal was used in the Tibetan singing bowls.  Therefore we will soon undertake to have our own metallurgical analysis done by a laboratory in Chicago which is being recommended to us by Mr. Hunt.  We will be updating this page when we receive this analysis. Stay tuned . . .

Map of Meteorite Fall
Site in Shigatse, Tibet