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#14177 Antique Singing Bowl (small)


#14177 Antique Singing Bowl (small)

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  • Circa: 18th Century
  • Type: LWTL Antique Singing Bowl
Please listen with earphones

Master-quality® Tibetan Singing Bowl: 5 3/4″ diameter; Fundamental tone G +10 Hz. Rim tone: D -10 Hz. Hand-forged, mixed-alloy bronze.

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Master-quality® Tibetan Singing Bowl: 5 3/4″ diameter; Fundamental tone G +10 Hz. Rim tone: D -10 Hz. Hand-forged, mixed-alloy bronze.

Please listen with earphones

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Master-quality® Tibetan Singing Bowl:

  • 5 3/4″ Diameter;
  • Fundamental tone: G +10 Hz.;
  • Rim tone: D -10 Hz.;
  • Hand-forged, mixed-alloy bronze;
  • Circa 18th Century;
  • Type: “LWTL” (Low-wall-thick-lip)

About the Sound Sample

First, you’ll hear the sound of the bowl struck on its rim with a 25mm Himalayan hardwood leather-padded mallet. Next, you’ll hear the rim tone played around the outside rim with the wooden end of the same 25mm leather-padded mallet.

Bowl Type: “LWTL” (Low-wall-thick-lip)

Called Manipuri throughout the Himalayas. Said to come from the Manipur region (in the eastern Himalayas near Nagaland), but this shape is also typically Tibetan as well. Their walls are lower in ratio to the diameter, with a gradually sloping base. This type of singing bowl is thick to extra-thick, often with a triangulated lip, and sometimes decorated with tooled or engraved sacred geometric patterns such as the circle and dot motif. Typically they range from approximately 4 inches up to a little over 10 inches, although they are now rare in these larger sizes. Tones, likewise, range from the second to the fifth octaves.

Package Includes:

  • Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by Shakti.
  • Tibetan silk-brocade Singing Bowl Cushion (shown above) in your choice of Tibetan Red, Royal Blue, or Plum. Please note your preference in the comments section on checkout.
  • A Professional 25mm Himalayan hardwood leather-padded mallet.
  • Tips and Information Brochure: historical information, general metallurgical analysis, how to hold the mallet, playing around the rim, and advanced techniques.


You will receive the exact bowl you see and hear.

This Master-quality® singing bowl is amongst the finest caliber of singing bowls available in the world. Master-quality® means that these bowls have passed stringent tests for authentic antiquity, harmonic balance of sound, smoothness and ease of playing, sound volume and long sustain.

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