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Tibetan Singing Bowls: Low Wall-Thick Lip


The above photo and sound file are representative only. To find Low Wall-Thick Lip singing bowls available for purchase, please visit our store.

Sound sample-- First is the sound of the bowl struck on its upper outside edge with the included Tibetan-wool padded mallet. The second sound is the same bowl played around the outside rim with the wood end of the same mallet.



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To See and Hear
Available Singing Bowls


Each Tibetan Singing Bowl comes with a special dual-playing Padded Mallet (photo, right)— use the Tibetan monks’-wool end to produce soft gonging tones, the wood end to play around the outside rim to make the bowl sing.


Playing instructions and information included.

Prices for Master-quality® (Blue label) Tibetan Singing Bowls of the LW and LWTL types range from $120.00 to $660.00.

Prices for rare or exceptionally fine quality (Double-blue and Triple-blue) Low-wall-thick-lip bowls go for up to $2000.00.

Yeko playing a 16th century LWTL 7 5/8" Tibetan singing bowl around the rim         

Generally, smaller diameter Singing Bowls have higher tones, while the larger bowls produce a wider dynamic range of sound with rich deeper Om tones.

Singing Bowl Cushions

(upper photo, bottom), available with singing bowls purchase only. Made of silk-brocade and cotton. Available in 3 colors (Tibetan Red, Royal Blue and Plum), and 7 sizes: