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Tibetan Singing Bowl Sets Archive

Bodhisattva Trading Company Master-quality® Tibetan Singing Bowl Sets are custom created from hand forged, authentic antique singing bowls that are unparalleled for tonal accuracy.

To find the material to build our sets, we go through hundreds of Master-quality® singing bowls to match them by pitch, diameter, volume, and timbre, As these sets are made from found material, some come together quickly and others take months or even years.

There are many factors which determine the price of a singing bowl set including the number of bowls, their diameter, thickness, accuracy of pitch, age, rarity, and pitch spread. Prices include a 15% matching fee.  The sets featured here range in price from $1,250 to over $4,000.

We can custom assemble a set for you in any musical scale according to your desired tonal spread and budget. Sets can range from three to 21 pieces. Set building is a malleable art.

To inquire about a set please call Shakti at 1-800-588-5350. Or, if you are calling from outside the United States, call 1-310-838-5350. All sets come with an array of mallets and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Please note that  there is 14 day return policy and a 10% restocking fee on sets.

There is a 5% cancellation fee on cancelled set orders.

Thank you.

Singing Bowl Sets: Shakti with 3 matched sets of Tibetan Singing Bowls
Photo by Chris Saul

“OH MY GOD!!  I just got the triad.  I let them acclimate in my office for a bit after unpacking them.  Then I played them.  They are so sublime and are just a beautiful triad.  I cannot put into words how happy I am that you convinced me to take them as a set.  They have a wonderful healing harmony and they will get their debut with my regular meditation group in the next couple of weeks.  I was going to use a bowl from the set you built around that double blue thadobati bowl for my patients.  Instead I believe i am going to use this triad.  If I were anymore excited i would scream.  Thank you Thank you Thank you right back at you(i read your card).  This is such a lovely set even the feng shui of them sitting together on my desk right now just takes my breath away.

The one with the sacred geometry looks like or reminds me of tantric geometry.  If you know anything about this y shape on the bowl that i can use a key word search please let me know as I would like to find what i can about it.  You really did do me a big favor by letting me get them as a set.  I am so grateful to you.

Thank you again and may your journey be ever blessed.”

 – Richard M., Delmar, NY