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Antique Chromatic Rim
- SOLD -


A chromatically tuned authentic antique, Master-quality® 13-piece Double-blue set consisting of circa 16th through 19th century Buddha and Void bowls, along with a perfectly tuned circa 15th century Lingam bowl, based on the rims in chromatic tuning. 

(key of D, concert pitch 587 Hz., both when struck and when played around the rim) 

Custom assembled for a collector in Haiku, Maui.

This superlative set took over a year, and five collecting trips to the Himalayas, to complete. It is the finest set we have matched in 28 years, and is arguably one of the
finest sets in the world.

Please note that this set was specifically matched

 for one or our clients and has been sold.

Other sets can be custom ordered.

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