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Antique Chromatic Rim
Set: 21-piece

- SOLD -

21-pc. matched Master-qualityTibetan Singing Bowl Set

A chromatically tuned Master-quality® 21-piece concert set, consisting of circa 17th through 19th century blue-label Cup, Low-wall-thick-lip and Buddha type singing bowls custom made for David Collier, professor of percussion in Illinois State University's School of Music.

The set was assembled to be used in a performance of a composition for Singing bowls and Woodwinds by David Maslanka called "David's Book".  It was performed live in November of 2006 and then went on tour to other Universities where the piece was also performed.

Because this set was smaller scale, (all bowl diameters under 6 7/8"), it was completed in just 3 months!

Editor: Here is the series of  emails  sent to us
 regarding  this set . . .

October 24, 2006:  "The bowls arrived late this afternoon. WOW!!!!!!!! They are gorgeous - in sound and in appearance. I got them set up and played the parts and it is stunning! It is also something special to realize that most of these instruments are over 200 years old. It is a bit humbling to ponder on that. I've been very buoyant all evening after spending about an hour and a half with the bowls. Great feeling. I have truly enjoyed our time working together."

November 14, 2006:  "Two days and counting! Things are going very well with the concerto. The bowls are fabulous! Again, my deepest thanks for your help. This is a wonderful and meaningful moment in my life and having such a fine set of bowls has an enormous impact on this event.

December 6, 2006:  "Amazingly, it has been almost 3 weeks since the concerto premier! It went extremely well and the singing bowls truly impacted the entire performance. The members of the wind symphony, Steve Steele (conductor) and David Maslanka (composer) all were amazed at how the timbres interacted, mingled and emotionally moved them. It was an experience of a lifetime."

Dr. David Collier, Assistant Professor of Music
Director of Percussion Studies
Illinois State University
School of Music
Normal, IL


Shakti's Note:

Frankly, this recording (the Mp3 below) is pretty rough by our standards these days.  This was the "audition" recording we sent to David Collier to verify how close to concert pitch (442 Hz. for woodwinds) the set was.  So first you'll  hear the struck tone of each bowl in an ascending chromatic scale, quickly muted, followed by the corresponding key on the piano from middle C up to a fifth octave G.  There are one or two notes omitted intentionally because they were not  required in the key of David Maslanka's piece. 

Incredibly, this rough  "audition" recording was the only recording of this set Bodhisattva retained.  We hope to one day get a clip of the live concert and provide a link where the CD can be ordered.


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