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Tingshaw (also spelled Tingsha or Dingsha)

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Sound samples are for all of our available types and sizes of Tingshaw. Each pair is played by striking one Tingshaw against the edge of the other (see photo at right). To listen click on the link above.

Available sizes and designs (clockwise from bottom left) :

Large Plain (3 1/8" diameter)
Medium Plain (2 3/4" dia.)
Small Plain (2 1/2" dia.)
Medium Om Mani Padme Hum (2 3/4" dia.)
Medium Dragon (2 3/4" dia.)

Other sizes/designs available but not in photo--

Large Om Mani Padme Hum (3 1/8" dia.)
Extra-large (3 3/8" dia.)
Professional (3 3/4" dia.)


Traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhists as an offering of sound which helps to dispel the seemingly endless cravings of desire. Used here in the West for meditation, healing work, and as a sound "smudge" to clear negative and attract positive energy .

Bodhisattva Trading Company Tingshaw (also known as tingsha, or dingsha) are made by the living master-makers of Tibetan Bells according to an ancient formula that has been passed down through their families for centuries.


Yangki playing a pair of large tingshaw


The Tingshaw come in matched pairs, held together by a leather cord. Easy to play. . . simply hold by the cord and strike one against the other on their edges.

Produces clear brilliant tones with long sustains. The richness of the sound and the vibrancy of their natural modulations is amazing!

Each pair is hand-cast in the Himalayas of bell metal bronze and then hand-tuned one to the other for superior sound balance.

Included FREE (while supplies last)-- our exclusive design Tingshaw Case, made of Tibetan monk's wool and loomed cotton with a Velcro closure. Use it as a handy carrying case or, when opened, as a display pad.