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About Bodhisattva Trading Co., Inc.

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Established in 1996

Bodhisattva Trading Co.  was established in 1996 as a service to Dharma practitioners and collectors of Tibetan Buddhist art. Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality of instruments, images and ritual objects available.

Our Mission

At Bodhisattva Trading Co., Inc., our mission  has evolved from supplying genuine antique, Master-quality Tibetan singing bowls to meditation students and collectors, to supplying and educating a new generation of healers from cross cultural, holistic healing disciplines.  While still rooted in the ancient traditions, our mission is:

1)  To be a consistent source for high-quality, traditional Tibetan meditation tools, and to educate the public on their traditional use.

2) To help preserve the precious legacy of Tibetan culture for future generations by maintaining high standards of quality, beauty and historically accurate iconography in the contemporary art produced by Newari and Tibetan exile craftspeople.

3)To empower present and future generations of healers with knowledge and skill in the use of singing bowls as healing tools, as well as to provide premium quality singing bowls and tuned sets to healers worldwide.

4) To facilitate and encourage the use of singing bowls as stress reduction tools in medical research in holistic academies and in main stream teaching hospitals and universities.

In accordance with our corporate mission, BTC donates a percentage of our profits to International Campaign For Tibet, which works to promote human rights and self-determination for Tibetans and to protect the Tibetan culture and environment.

We also encourage medical professionals to contact us regarding the integration of singing bowls into verifiable research programs.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Co-founder and CEO of Bodhisattva, Shakti is a servant of harmonics. She has helped a generation of practitioners of the Healing Arts, sound therapists, musicians, medical professionals, clergy, teachers, yogis and thousands of people from all walks of life discover singing bowls and harness their power as transformational tools. Shakti works with customers to insure that they find the perfect bowls they are looking for.

Shakti is also the spokesperson for Bodhisattva, appearing our YouTube videos to share information gleaned from her many years of working with singing bowls.   Check Shakti’s blog for more information on singing bowl’s use for meditation, metaphysical and holistic healing.

Creator of Bodhisattva’s Master Healing Sets, Shakti constructs custom Master Healing Sets for practitioners of both the Western and Eastern sound healing traditions.

With thanks, BTC still posts co-founder Rain Gray’s research Singing Bowls, an Historical Perspective, although Rain is no longer with the company.